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Fusion Catering in Florida

Flavorful Events

Latin American food can really spice up your celebration and make it a great time. Bocas Grill has a lot of flavorful food that you and your guests will love. We’ll prepare your food with fresh ingredients and masterful techniques. Our team blends modern elements with traditional food to bring you fusion food.

What You Like

Our menu has something for everyone. Bocas Grill makes things like seafood, pork, chicken, burgers and noodles. The meals will be a hit for whatever kind of event or celebration you have catered. We also have delicious desserts like our chicha and delectable milkshakes like our Dulce de Leche churro milkshake.

Where You Are

With five locations, Bocas Grill has catering options that are close by. El Original, Kendall and Brickell are within the greater Miami, Florida, area, and we have restaurants in Orlando and Weston too. Say where your event or celebration is going to take place, and we’ll bring your catering right to you.


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